Electrical & Automation Service


Power Automation Service

AMP (Alternative Maritime Power):

● AMP Commissioning.

● Assistance at Arrival & Departure to keep your vessel and system in good condition.

● System check and test.

Protection Relay Service & VCB/GCB Check

HiMAP Service & Function Test

With experienced engineers we can provide professional service for HiMAP. And repair can be done in our workshop. It’s reusable after reconditioning. 

SEPAM Service & Function Test

Function test during DD service.

Operation Test.

VCB & GCB Check

VCB Maintenance.

VCB Mechanical Check.

VCB Repair.

General Electrical Service

-   Main Switchboard Modification.

-   General Repairing for Marine Automation System.

-   CCTV System Installation.

-   Fire Alarm System. 

-   ICCP / MGPS.

-   OMD.

Calibration Service

-   Level Gauge System calibration and repair.

-   Cargo tank Temperature & Pressure sensor calibration repair.

-   Temperature and Pressure controller calibration.