Marine Engineering And Repair Service


HANG Marine engineering team capable of providing fast  response and professional technical service, general overhaul,  trouble-shooting and repairing, supervision and total solution.  So as to solve various urgent technical problems and ensure  safe voyage for ship owners/managers all over the world.

1.Hydraulic Service

● Crane annual inspection/Maintenance/  Repair and Load test

● Hatch cover Service

● Hydraulic Motor / Hydraulic Pump/Hydraulic  Valve /actuator Overhaul

● Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul

● Steering gear system overhaul

● Windlass / Mooring winch Brake test and  Repairing

2.  Air condition and Refrigeration system service  

● Accommodation Air Condition System

Provision refrigeration system(Reefer system)

ECR air conditioner / Bridge air conditioner

● Compressor overhaul

3 Cooler / Plate Heat Exchanger  Services  

Cooler / Plate Heat Exchanger cleaning and plate& gasket supply